Leaf Puffs

I've been on a quilting spree lately! Here's the story of the Leaf Puffs -- 

1) Take a screenprinting on fabric class at Arrowmont in TN! Make a print of Swiss Cheese Plant because you love it. Make it really big because it's fun and you forget to save your fabric for other samples.


2) Get really into trapunto quilting (a process of adding extra layers of batting to certain areas so that they are puffier) and make a sample with your test Swiss Cheese Plant  print


3) Realize in Chicago that you should make the whole print into one trapunto quilt because you don't want to cut it up and it would look great!

4) Plan the quilt in Yellow Springs, OH. Decide on the most tender quilt ever by embroidering statements of care along the border of each leaf. 

5) Prepare for trapunto! Go to Brattleboro, Vermont for a diy residency. Sew pieces of batting around every. single. leaf, spending a zillion hours sewing and watching the snow by yourself. This is a relatively new experience because you rarely spend time alone. It is good for you. Accidentally burn the knob off your friend's wood stove when you put too much wood in (and replace it).


6) Use tiny scissors to cut as closely as possible around each leaf in West Virginia. Give yourself tendonitis (?) and don't lift or squeeze or anything with your left hand for 4 days.

7) Embroider all those caring words around the Leaves in Philadelphia. Think about how much you love plants and how you want to take care of them and you love this quilt. “I will love you”, “I will water you”, “I will sing to you”, “I will care for you”, and “I will give you light”. Ruin your shoulder by embroidering for 14 hours straight for 3 days. Don't move your arm in any way or it will hurt a lot for 5 days.


8) Quilt!!! Spend a day searching for the right backing. Make the sandwich. Sew sew sew sew sew sew sew around each Leaf (for the second time, see step 5 for the first time). Add a grid for a little more stitching across the whole thing. 

9) Get your friend to help you document it. Appreciate friendship. Thanks Meghann!


10) Realize that something you have been working on and traveling with for months is now complete. Process feelings of joy, relief and pride with the uncertainty of finishing a project and having to decide what comes next.